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This is something I wrote on another blog a while ago.
But I felt I should put it up here too.

“Today is March 1st, well actually its March 2nd since its so late.
And me being an African-American; i.e. a Black person.
And it is because of this, I think…

February is all and gone, the month that’s labeled “Black History Month.”
The month where we’re suppose to celebrate and give appreciation to those who have helped African-Americans get to where we are today, and to look up to great Black people for inspiration.

And yet, it went by me like any other day. It’s not like I just missed a day, I guess that can be ok, but I missed a whole month.

And what really makes me think is…
That it took me until it ended to reflect on this.

I guess being an African-American who is going to school and trying to better himself and all around him, is in itself a way of celebrating the occasion.

But I can’t help but think about it.
And I wonder if there are others who feel like me?”

This has been a Weckyboy Moment.

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The Glasses Conspiracy

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Fun, FYI, News
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I, among many others, wear glasses during most of the day.

On the day when I first got my glasses, the doctor promised me that if I keep wearing my glasses, one day I won’t need them anymore because my eyes will repair themselves as I wear them.

Well I’ve been wearing my glasses for some time now; several years actually. And not only was that doctor a liar, but my vision has gotten worse. Oh no, I see good with my glasses on (Good, not great). But when I take my glasses off, my vision goes downhill.

Because of this, I believe there is a conspiracy to keep people who need glasses, to keep wearing glasses. This way they will keep coming back for new glasses, when the old glasses go bad (And trust me, they do go bad). So whoever is cashing in on this, is assured that they will never go out of business.

I even discussed this with others and they say the same thing happened to them. I even believe its even worse for those who use contacts, and I can’t imagine what those who had laser eye surgery is going through.

Lets just hope one day they come up with something that actually helps repair the eyes. I mean come, its 2008!

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