The Glasses Conspiracy

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Fun, FYI, News
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I, among many others, wear glasses during most of the day.

On the day when I first got my glasses, the doctor promised me that if I keep wearing my glasses, one day I won’t need them anymore because my eyes will repair themselves as I wear them.

Well I’ve been wearing my glasses for some time now; several years actually. And not only was that doctor a liar, but my vision has gotten worse. Oh no, I see good with my glasses on (Good, not great). But when I take my glasses off, my vision goes downhill.

Because of this, I believe there is a conspiracy to keep people who need glasses, to keep wearing glasses. This way they will keep coming back for new glasses, when the old glasses go bad (And trust me, they do go bad). So whoever is cashing in on this, is assured that they will never go out of business.

I even discussed this with others and they say the same thing happened to them. I even believe its even worse for those who use contacts, and I can’t imagine what those who had laser eye surgery is going through.

Lets just hope one day they come up with something that actually helps repair the eyes. I mean come, its 2008!

Read on viewers!

  1. Fady Anwar says:

    i share you your doubts

  2. scott keller says:

    about 7 years ago, i got glasses for the first time. after about 6 months, i decided to no longer wear them. due to the kind of work i do, and getting older, my vision has gotten worse but not by much. 7 years later, i just finally got glasses again, but even while at the eye doctor expressed the same concern as you – that there is a conspiracy behind this whole thing, and as long as you’re wearing their glasses, either because they scratch/break or your eyes get worse, you go back in for more…like an addiction to your eyes. at 500$ a pop.

    i’m not sure about lasik, but i hope that its my only chance.

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