Weckyboy Moment

Posted: February 29, 2008 in FYI, Quick Post
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This is something I wrote on another blog a while ago.
But I felt I should put it up here too.

“Today is March 1st, well actually its March 2nd since its so late.
And me being an African-American; i.e. a Black person.
And it is because of this, I think…

February is all and gone, the month that’s labeled “Black History Month.”
The month where we’re suppose to celebrate and give appreciation to those who have helped African-Americans get to where we are today, and to look up to great Black people for inspiration.

And yet, it went by me like any other day. It’s not like I just missed a day, I guess that can be ok, but I missed a whole month.

And what really makes me think is…
That it took me until it ended to reflect on this.

I guess being an African-American who is going to school and trying to better himself and all around him, is in itself a way of celebrating the occasion.

But I can’t help but think about it.
And I wonder if there are others who feel like me?”

This has been a Weckyboy Moment.

Read on viewers!


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