My Worst Christmas Gift

Posted: December 25, 2008 in Christmas
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Since the holiday is upon us, I feel like sharing on my worst Christmas gift. And no, this isn’t about my parents (Or Santa, if you still believe in that) completely screwing me over and giving me a pair of socks for Christmas. Believe it or not, but this is actually something I begged for, the Cybiko.

Picture of Cybiko

For those who don’t remember this failure of a gadget, this was a way to cash in on the whole texting fad (In my opinion). What made me want to get this in the first place was the commercial that always aired during my favorite shows. From what I remember the commercial super glamorized the Cybiko, saying things like “chat with your friends,” “play tons of games,” and the major selling point to me “it also works as a MP3 player.” And then there was this little saying at the end of the commercial that I still remember today, “Cybiko… See-Why-Bi-K-O.” I’ll post the comercial here, if I ever see it available.

So when Christmas came and I finally got to use the thing, I was so excited, but that excitement slowly went away as time went by. All my friends I showed it off to, didn’t have it and never even heard of the thing, and they didn’t have any plans on getting it anytime soon. Which makes chatting with it impossible. So I tried to use it for its applications and game, which I soon found out sucked. And the MP3 playing function, the whole reason why I bought the thing, needed an attachment that was sold separately, and it wasn’t sold in stores. Later I bought the MP3 attachment, thinking I might as well since I have it. And when it finally arrived in the mail, I found out that it needed to have a memory card and both the memory card and the head phones were sold separately.

After that, I pretty much threw it into a box with the rest of my forgotten toys like Simon, and I didn’t want anything else to do with the thing. And theres probably like three or two others who went through the same thing I did, and for those people, I feel your pain. That was 60 dollars well wasted.

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