WII WEEK DAY 2: The BIG 3 of Feb. ’09

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Video Games
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Welcome the the second day of Wii Week.

Today I’m going over the three big hardcore Wii games of february.


box art

Tenchu looks like a great game, you play as either a guy or a girl ninja and go on missions where you hide in the shadows and pop out and do sneak attacks on unsuspecting people. You can perform attacks like neck snapping, sword slashing, and more. And the good part is, its not censored like how Manhunt 2 was back when that was out. Shadow stalking, sneak attacks, and even a ninja cat!

Check out more on the IGN Review below.


box art

box art

Deadly Creatures is the first game where you can play as either a spider or a scorpion. Slinging webs, walking up walls, stinging other insects (and maybe even humans too), and swacking and smacking with your claws, its all in your control. And if thats not enough to win you over, then the fact that Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper are doing the voice over for the humans might will.

Check out more on IGN’s Review below.


box art

box art

House of the dead: Overkill is the game I’m most looking forward to, this is the goriest game of the three. It has Explosions, bloody deaths, and dialogue inspired from Samuel Jackson; yeah, expect alot of MF bombs. And take all of that and put it a grindhouse movie style, then you have one awesome package.

Check out more on IGN’s Review below.

All three of these games have great visuals and sounds, the kind hardcore Wii owners been craving. And the best part is all these games are currently available to buy at any store that sales Wii games. By the end of this week, I’m definitly going to get one.

Read on Viewers!


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