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The Best Fighting Game Ever Made

I am a big fan of fighting video games, ever since my first hadouken and “Get over here!” I’ve played many of fighting games, but only one stands out to me as the best, and that game is Def Jam: Fight For New York. Hold up, before you grab your pitchforks and light your torches, hear me out. Fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear, and the Capcom Vs. series are all awesome, but to me they lack the feeling of a real street fight brawl (I know, ironic right). In Def Jam: FFNY there are no powers, no guns, no Million hit combo, just regular old ass kickin’. Getting your face bashed against a wall, getting thrown through a car window, having your head smash in a car door, or being ran over by a train. All of these things and more can be done, and having them done by or to famous rappers and actors makes this game freaking awesome. Not only that, but I think the player takes on actual battle damage, so when you get your ass handed to you, you look like it.

Total ass kickery isn’t the only reason why I love this game, I also love it for its creativity. Some, if not all of the rappers and actors featured in this game give their own opinions to the developers on how they want their characters to play in the game. They gave their thoughts on the characters fighting style, types of moves they can perform, and their finishers. Their were videos put out for both this Def Jam game and the previous one (Def Jam Vendetta, another awesome fighting game). Some of their ideas were stupid, brutal, and just over the top. And I loved every minute of it.

And you add that together with an actual story, and you have yourself one hell of a fighting game. I loved this game, and the bragging rights I got from beating my friends terribly. Skill definitely shows while playing this game, games can be as short as a minute or two when playing against a beginner, and can last almost thirty minutes or more when evenly matched. I would love to see this game on the current generation consoles like the PS3, although it technically did with Def Jam: Icon. But that game just took everything I loved of the last game, and replaced it with a lazy piece of… I’ll just save that for a later rant.

And that’s my love letter to this game. If you still have a PS2, X-Box, or Gamecube running, give this game a chance. Believe me, this is the best fighting game ever made. Okay, now you can grab your pitchforks and torches.

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100 Euphemisms for Breast

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*Clears thoat*

  1. Breast
  2. Boobs
  3. Knockers
  4. Cans
  5. Tits
  6. Big-uns
  7. Tig Ol’ Bitties
  8. Globes
  9. Melons
  10. Pound Puppies
  11. Chest-ticles
  12. Sweater Muffins
  13. Hooters
  14. Mounds
  15. Milk Makers
  16. Milk duds
  17. Bazookas
  18. Gazongas
  19. Cones
  20. Sweater Puppies
  21. Buds
  22. Duds
  23. Mosquito Bites
  24. Bra Stuffers
  25. Man’s best friends
  26. Women’s best friends
  27. Trouble Makers
  28. Salt Shakers
  29. Money Makers
  30. Lefty and Rightie
  31. Balloons
  32. Rack
  33. Double Deckers
  34. Domes
  35. Goobers
  36. Flash lights
  37. Cupcakes
  38. Bongos
  39. Candy Bits
  40. What yo mamma gave you
  41. The promised lands
  42. Mountains
  43. Third base
  44. Bust
  45. Boobies
  46. Bewbs
  47. Bewbies
  48. Utters
  49. Bon-Bons
  50. Bomb Shells
  51. Hand Puppets
  52. Titties
  53. Boom-Booms
  54. Play Stations
  55. Chest Anchors
  56. Twin Peeks
  57. Eye Candy
  58. Bubbles
  59. Blossoms
  60. Butter Cups
  61. Girl’s Power Puffs
  62. Spheres
  63. Jiggles
  64. -A wolf’s howl-
  65. The Girls
  66. Milkshakes
  67. Kittens
  68. Knobs
  69. Sweet Cheeks
  70. Whoppers
  71. Tah-Tahs
  72. Glomp Tops
  73. Pom-Pom’s
  74. Hypno-Globes
  75. 28008
  76. Cups
  77. Fun Bags
  78. Patties
  79. The Terrible Thunder Gunners
  80. Pistols
  81. Cannons
  82. Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Blimps
  83. Ba-Bombs
  84. Dumplings
  85. Nips
  86. Treats
  87. Pillows
  88. Cushions
  89. D’s
  90. Pop Tarts
  91. Humps
  92. Bumps
  93. Lady Lumps
  94. Joy Pads
  95. Cop Stoppers
  96. Show Stoppers
  97. Goombas
  98. Tator Tots
  99. The Goods
  100. OMG Sparkling Terrific Magical Mystical Fantastic Wonderful

That is all.

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Many of you readers may have heard about the recent disaster that has happened in Japan, but for the few that don’t, Japan was recently hit with an earthquake (for more news on the Japan’s earthquake click here). In response to this incident, several podcasts are starting a donation where they will be streaming a live podcast for 24 hours via UStream called Anime Fans Give Back to Japan. Some of the podcasts that will be included in the stream are: The Unofficial OnePiece Podcast, Konoha Corner, That Anime Show, Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, Chainsaw Buffet, AniManga Podcast, and ANN Cast. There will be a few other guest including famous anime voice actors. All donations for this benefit will go towards the relief effort for Japan. To me, this is more than a chance to help out the country that brought Anime to us, but a chance for us to help out those need. So I wanted to do my part and help spread the word.

The live stream will begin on Saturday March 19 @ 6:oo PM Eastern and end on Sunday March 20 @ 6:00 PM Eastern.

For more information go to:

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Expect new posts soon. I may or may not post frequently, but I will try not let it get as bad as it did before. I just felt that I should put that out there.

I’m back readers!