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I said “If this so called new Nintendo console is real, then I’m all for it.” And I am, recent LEGIT websites have confirmed that the new Nintendo console is REAL and is going to be unveiled and playable at the next E3 of this year (2011). And I am excited, as you can tell from my last post, news of the new Nintendo console have been floating around for some time now, and it has left my emotions for it a tug of war for it. Which would also explain my last post. But I can’t wait to see what Nintendo got up their sleeves, I want to see what rumors were true and what weren’t.

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Currently, there is buzz, rumors, reports, and whatever else you can call it, on that the folks at Nintendo are going to announce the successor to the Nintendo Wii soon. And to that, I say BULLSHIT!

I’m sorry, but its not like I (or anybody else, for that matter) haven’t heard this before. There was Michael Pachter with his claims about Wii HD (More about Pachter: Click here ), and there was that time when the head of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada predicting that Wii HD was coming soon. And there were tons of other non-creditable news and blog sites telling that “Wii 2 is coming,” or “be prepared for the Wii HD.” And it’s not like Nintendo was egging this on, they have on countless times shot down these claims that a new console was in the works. Iwata, the president of Nintendo himself, even came out and said in his own words “Shut the fuck up, and stop with all these damn rumors!” Well he didn’t say it like that, but I know how to read between the lines.

It’s not like I’m not excited for a new Nintendo console. It’s just like that old say,”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me eight or more times, shame on me.” And some of news on the system just sounds like its fake. The “Wii 2” is said to be more powerful than both the PS3 and the X-Box, have  a tablet like controller that features a touch screen and have the capability to be used as an sensor bar for the Wii remote.  Do I need Admiral Ackbar to come explain to you that this is a trap?

If this so called new Nintendo console is real, then I’m all for it. But until Reggie or Iwata come out and confirm it themselves, I’m saying that it’s BULLSHIT. And so, I leave you with links to multiple news sites about this.

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