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Some of the hackers involved in the PSN Outage has been arrested. For more information on what happened, go to the following link:

Weird how this happen the same day I made that last post.

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If you are an owner or a fan of PlayStation 3, then I bet you are fully aware that the PlayStation’s online service PlayStation Network (PSN) was down due to hacking for a while (For more information on this, click here). I got a PS3 in late 2009 when I realized that big third party game developers would never put games like Super Street Fighter 4 or Tekken 6 on the Wii, and since then I’ve been having a hell of a good time playing the games and especially online. So when the outage happened, I was annoyed that I couldn’t play games like Portal 2 or Uncharted 2 online, but I wasn’t enraged like some of the other people I’ve noticed. There were some who said they would never buy anything on PSN ever again, and some that said that they will only buy stuff using the PSN cards, I even heard there were some who sold their PS3’s. To me, this was a hard time, but it wasn’t that serious. Especially after hearing that lots of companies have a breach in security involving their customers, but it’s usually kept undercover. Now that PSN has returned, I plan to do the same things that I always have been doing, using my card to buy DLC, Movies, or whatever. The only thing that has changed is that I will now keep a closer eye on my card activity.

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Hi readers, I just came across these comments on a certain site, and I had to put it out there (But I will not include the commenter’s user names):

Person#1: “…buy the Ps3. Theres free online gaming and since you’re only buying it for this game you will get a Blu-ray player built in the Ps3 too for alot better qualities in movies and such, not only the gameplay.”

Person#2: “I don’t mind paying for the online fees and i don’t care much about the blu-ray player . I have a lots of friends who play on xbox live so that’s why im gonna buy a 360. But thanks for your input ;)”

These two comments brought me hope that PS3 fanboys and X-Box 360 fanboys can talk with each other without raging out, because this could have easily turned into a flame war about “(blank) sucks because (blank).” Each person stated why they like their system of choice without hate, and because of that, I had to share it with everyone.

Keep the love alive!

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the blog post where I predict gaming history for the next two years. Be prepared, these predictions are 100% true or false:

  • PlayStation’s E3 2011 conference will pretty much suck due to the hacking of their network, and Sony spending most of their time trying to make up for it.
  • Next year’s PlayStation E3 conference will be best of show, due to Sony announcing some thing very BIG.
  • Nintendo will name, demo, and show off their new console at E3 2011. That will be one of the factors making the Nintendo’s conference best of show of 2011.
  • Nintendo new console will release sometime in 2011, and the sales of the console will be very low. Stores will be in overstock of the console. After an increase in the console’s library, a redesign, and a price cut, the system will start to fly off shelves.
  • There is a remake of Halo 1 in the works for X-Box 360. And there will be a massive amount of content in the game.
  • The original Halo will be available on the X-Box 360 remake, with achievements and playable over X-Box Live.
  • The PlayStation Move and the X-Box Kinect will no longer be supported by the third quarter of 2011.
  •  A new console will emerge to compete with the leading three consoles.
  • X-Box’s next console will release during the same time as Nintendo’s next console.
  • PlayStation will still rely on their current generation console.
  • Nintendo will still support the Wii.
  • Nintendo’s next console will be able to stream content to the Nintendo 3DS.
  • PlayStation 3 will be able to stream content to Sony’s codename NGP (Next Generation Portable).
  • Valve’s Steam will be fully supported on Nintendo’s Next Console and PlayStation 3.
  • Console to PC online battles will be supported on Valve’s Steam.
  • The so-called video game channel G4 will still suck.
And that is it.
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