We all can be friends! PS3 and X-Box 360

Posted: June 5, 2011 in FYI, Quick Post, Video Games
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Hi readers, I just came across these comments on a certain site, and I had to put it out there (But I will not include the commenter’s user names):

Person#1: “…buy the Ps3. Theres free online gaming and since you’re only buying it for this game you will get a Blu-ray player built in the Ps3 too for alot better qualities in movies and such, not only the gameplay.”

Person#2: “I don’t mind paying for the online fees and i don’t care much about the blu-ray player . I have a lots of friends who play on xbox live so that’s why im gonna buy a 360. But thanks for your input ;)”

These two comments brought me hope that PS3 fanboys and X-Box 360 fanboys can talk with each other without raging out, because this could have easily turned into a flame war about “(blank) sucks because (blank).” Each person stated why they like their system of choice without hate, and because of that, I had to share it with everyone.

Keep the love alive!

Read on viewers!

  1. GamerDame says:

    Enough with the hate. As cheap as systems are now, & as many games as there are that aren’t exclusives, there’s no reason people can’t have more than one system. I hope people can draw the line between fan & fanatic.

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