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Have you heard Kanye West’s song called “Power”? I wonder how many¬†rhymes I can make with the line that comes after:

No one man should have all the power.

The clocks ticking, I just count the hours.

Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power.

I’m not brave, I just run and cower.

My house is so big, it looks like a tower.

My closet has all things Eddie Bauer.

I don’t this, it taste too sour.

I stink, I better take a shower.

Instead of just you, lets make it ours.

I like you girl, here take this flower.

Not later, lets do this now-er.

Tails real name is Miles Prower.

And his name rhymes with Miles Per Hour.

It’s the Today Show, with Matt Lauer.

Can’t think of anymore, so I’ll just say Power.

Can you think of anymore?

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Before E3 2011, I was listening to Game Scoop Podcast from IGN. And I heard this from IGN’s editor Greg Miller:¬†“Lets just say, if your a fan of Lizards… Oh, doctor.” Immediately after hearing this, my first thoughts were… Gex is back baby! And this lead to a very funny tweet conversation:

BOYWEC: Listening to #IGN Game Scoop! And @GameOverGreggy may or may not have confirmed a new Gex game. #LizardGame

Greg: @BOYWEC: Ha. I did not. What did you think I said?

BOYWEC:¬†@GameOverGreggy¬†“Lets just say, if your a fan of Lizards… Oh, doctor” Not sure what you meant. But I took that as Gex confirmed¬†#GameScoop

Greg: @BOYWEC: Hahahaha. OK. I like that rumor. Try to spread it.

BOYWEC: Will do. #GexConfirmed RT @GameOverGreggy: @BOYWEC: Hahahaha. OK. I like that rumor. Try to spread it.

And here we are… Yeah, I know I’m a little late.

Well, when E3 finally came around, I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t wait to see what Greg was talking about, was it really a new Gex game? Then I thought, I really hope its not another Chameleon Twist game. And then I saw this:

So it’s not a new Gex game, but I got to admit, this looks way better than it anyway. I never played a Sly Cooper game before, but I would definitely pick this one up,¬†probably¬†even the collection too to catch up with things. And I am especially glad that Greg was not hinting at another¬†Chameleon Twist game, those games were horrible.

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