Kanye Power of the Hour

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Fun, Quick Post, Random
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Have you heard Kanye West’s song called “Power”? I wonder how many rhymes I can make with the line that comes after:

No one man should have all the power.

The clocks ticking, I just count the hours.

Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power.

I’m not brave, I just run and cower.

My house is so big, it looks like a tower.

My closet has all things Eddie Bauer.

I don’t this, it taste too sour.

I stink, I better take a shower.

Instead of just you, lets make it ours.

I like you girl, here take this flower.

Not later, lets do this now-er.

Tails real name is Miles Prower.

And his name rhymes with Miles Per Hour.

It’s the Today Show, with Matt Lauer.

Can’t think of anymore, so I’ll just say Power.

Can you think of anymore?

Read on viewers!

  1. I feel you need to have rushed this write-up too much because its not actually as excellent as many of the other posts on the site.

    • WECKYBOY says:

      Thanks for thoughts on the post, actually this was one of my less serious post. It’s really just a joke I have about Kanye West’s rap “Power,” and I just thought I share it with everybody. Although I like to joke about this song, I do still really like it.

      Thanks for reading.

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