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Dear Rockstar Games,

I am a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, I’ve been one ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto 3 on the PS2. I use to always play it with my friends, and during those times, all our conversations began and ended with GTA. I love the free roaming, the multiple weapons available, and all the things you can do in the world. But what really makes GTA the shining star it is to me, is the crazy ass moments to be had when you unlock certain codes. Old ladies toting rocket launchers could blast nearby pedestrians, enraged/scared drivers fly off in their cars and then crash them in the far distance, tanks dive bombing from the heavens, and literally having it you against the world. These were things all capable in GTA’s preceding GTA3 when you unlocked the codes, and with each iteration of the series came more and craziness to be had. That is, until GTA4. And I have to say, the game (GTA4) looked great. But the lack of any of these codes was a deal breaker for me, which lead me to not even consider purchasing it.

Now that GTA5 is on it way, I beg you, please bring the craziness back with GTA5. Bring back “all cars fly,” “all pedestrians carry weapons”, “riots,” etc.  To me, and I bet many others, GTA is a shell of itself without these codes. If these words come off as harsh, I’m sorry, that was not my intention. I am only a fan hoping and trying to bring back the series he once loved. Hoping that this gets to the right people so it can be heard.

Thanks for all years of crazy ass fun.

Warren Collins
A fan

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