HunterXHunter doesn’t have a switch

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Art, Cartoons, Rant
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HunterXHunter, an anime series that ended in 2004 (Well that’s what I got from Wikipedia); currently has a new anime with new animation, music, and other bells and whistles. And while watching the new series, I couldn’t help but notice that they toned down the violence. Brutal death scenes; that I am now being re-introduced to by reading the manga, is now being censored with a mass reduction of blood being shown. It’s not blatantly censored, they cleverly hide the gore and death scenes in a way that if you never seen the show before, you wouldn’t notice. But it will be obvious if you’re like me and looking forward to those scenes.

At first I thought this was being done to speed the anime along so they can get to the good parts. Kinda like what happened in the beginning of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (Another good show. If you haven’t already, get on that!). And once they reach a good point of the show, a switch is flipped, and all the gore in it’s entirety will start to be shown. But so far, that does not look to be the case. On a past episode, a character reveals a trait about himself by… Let’s just say he pulls a Kano. A scene that I was looking forward to seeing, but what was actually shown left me with a “WTF!” As you can tell, I’m trying really hard not to be spoilery, because this is a really good show and I don’t won’t to ruin it for you. But for me, that last scene was my breaking point, and I’m currently only reading the managa of the series.

Right now, can’t really reccommend the new series of HunterXHunter, I suggest watching the older series that came out before 2004, or just reading the manga. But who knows, there maybe is a switch planned for the new series, that they don’t plan on flipping until way later in the show. But I plan on relying on The Unofficial Hunter x Hunter Podcast for letting me know when and if that ever happens, and until then, I will be just reading the manga. And if you are interested in HunterXHunter or just a big fan or the show, I also reccommend you listening to their podcast.

Read on viewers!

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