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If you were a 90’s kid like me, you might have watched a little cartoon called Rugrats. A Nickelodeon cartoon that follows the crazy lifes that babies live, and explores what fun adventures they get into. You would think this cartoon was nothing but happy-go-lucky fun right? Wrong! Okay, let me bring your childhood to hell.

This was found, and it might have a little truth to it:

The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica’s imagination.

Chucky died a long time ago along with this mother; that’s why Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time.

Tommy was a stillborn; that’s why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live.

The DeVilles had an abortion. Angelica couldn’t figure whether it would be a boy or a girl, thus creating the twins.

As for “All Grown Up,” Angelica was a bipolar schizophrenic, who, as a teenager, became addicted to various narcotics, bringing her back to her childhood, thus creating a world in her mind that she obsessed over. Because of the time lapse between the present and the last time she interacted with her imaginary world, she made them older. Angelica was constantally taking hits of acid so she would never have to live without her creations. To her, her creations were her only company in a judgemental world.

Angelica’s mom actually died of a heroin overdose. Angelica was schizophrenic/bipolar because she was a crack baby. Additionaly, Drew, in his depression, married a gold digging whore that Angelica idolized because she fooled herself into thinking it was her real mom. However, she always had a concept of her mom, Cynthia. She used a barbie doll to mirror her birth mother’s image–wearing an unwashed orange dress and jacked up hair–which is why she was so attached to it. Later in life she followed in her mother’s footsteps, dying of overdose at age 13 when All Grown Up! was “canceled.”

The only rugrat not to be fictional however, was unborn Tommy’s brother, Dil. However, Angelica didn’t know the differace between Dil and her creations. Dil didnt follow her commands, and after endless crying and a refusal to disapear like the others did when Angelica was angry with them, so she hit him. After she hit him, he screamed a screaching tune, and Stu ran in and pulled his neice off of his only child, but it was too late. Dil had a brain hemmorage, which resulted in a deformation. As he grew up, his damage only became more evident, and by the time he was 9 in All Grown Up! he lived as an outcast, being ridiculed for his weirdness, and retardation. The immense guilt over this is what caused Angelica to start using drugs, and to un-create the rugrats breifly, until her expericance with hallucinogenics.

Chaz lost his mind after the death of his first wife and was in denial that she was ever prostitue. On a trip to Paris to find love, Chaz fell in love with a hooker named Kira (He was originally going to marry a different hooker, but she just wanted him for his money). Kira once had a daughter named Kimi, but the baby was torn from her by law due to her cocaine addiction. (Angelica imagined Kimi from Kira’s stories.) Upon return to America, Chaz and Kira married and she got her greencard. It was a surprisingly happy/romantic story. Kira continually stuggled with addiction, but was relatively happy with her new life with Chaz.

Suzie was Angelica’s only friend, who entertained the thought of Angelica’s creations because they seemed to make her happy. She later became a phycologist and teamed up with Nickelodeon to make the Rugrats. When Angelica died of the overdose, Suzie helped arrange her funeral. Because of her addictions and her mental state, Angelica was expelled from society, which lead to a break with reality, and her eventual death. She spent the last days of her life in the back of the school cafeteria, imagining friends around her, and playing with the lives of her creations.

My God!!

There is even a video to go with this done by , it’s a Japanese AMV with English subtitles. Link to the video is provided below:

Rugrats Theory – FULL VERSION

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HunterXHunter, an anime series that ended in 2004 (Well that’s what I got from Wikipedia); currently has a new anime with new animation, music, and other bells and whistles. And while watching the new series, I couldn’t help but notice that they toned down the violence. Brutal death scenes; that I am now being re-introduced to by reading the manga, is now being censored with a mass reduction of blood being shown. It’s not blatantly censored, they cleverly hide the gore and death scenes in a way that if you never seen the show before, you wouldn’t notice. But it will be obvious if you’re like me and looking forward to those scenes.

At first I thought this was being done to speed the anime along so they can get to the good parts. Kinda like what happened in the beginning of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (Another good show. If you haven’t already, get on that!). And once they reach a good point of the show, a switch is flipped, and all the gore in it’s entirety will start to be shown. But so far, that does not look to be the case. On a past episode, a character reveals a trait about himself by… Let’s just say he pulls a Kano. A scene that I was looking forward to seeing, but what was actually shown left me with a “WTF!” As you can tell, I’m trying really hard not to be spoilery, because this is a really good show and I don’t won’t to ruin it for you. But for me, that last scene was my breaking point, and I’m currently only reading the managa of the series.

Right now, can’t really reccommend the new series of HunterXHunter, I suggest watching the older series that came out before 2004, or just reading the manga. But who knows, there maybe is a switch planned for the new series, that they don’t plan on flipping until way later in the show. But I plan on relying on The Unofficial Hunter x Hunter Podcast for letting me know when and if that ever happens, and until then, I will be just reading the manga. And if you are interested in HunterXHunter or just a big fan or the show, I also reccommend you listening to their podcast.

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I’m a big fan of nostalgia. I think that’s why I enjoy shows like The Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerd, people telling what they enjoyed in the past, whether it be from television or gaming, is an automatic win to me. That’s one of the reasons why I created that Top Ten List. Well, that and the fact that I heard that Top Ten List are an easy ways to gain viewers. But I have recently found out that the host of a few of my favorite podcasts, Dame Dr. Foxy Brown, has posted a blog responding to my Top Ten List. And I’m loving it; like I said, I love hearing about what cartoons people loved. I just have moments like, “Cool, I liked that show too” or “Aww man, I thought I was the only one who liked that show.” If you want to read her blog post yourself:

 The Cartoons that Shaped Me or My Cartoons are Better than Yours Part 1

And that’s just part one, it looks like she has some more up her sleeves. I know we all have different taste when it comes to television and the like, so I look forward to what other shows she has in store.

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I have seen a lot of cartoons, but there are only a handful that I can call my favorites. “What are they?” You may ask, well I’ll tell you. These are my top ten favorite cartoons. But before I go on with the list, there are a few cartoons that didn’t quite make the list, but I would still like to give them an honorable mention.



This cartoon took everything a person could love about shows like Law and Order, and turned it into a cartoon and made it about kids in safety patrol. This show was awesome, but it didn’t make the list.


Another really good show.


I know I’m gonna get a lot of hell for this one, but yeah, it didn’t make the list. This was an awesome show, but the reason it wasn’t added to the list will be explained later.

Now I could go on like this showing all the cartoons I wish were added, but I think I should just get on with the list.




Now I know what you’re thinking, “What the hell, how did Gargoyles make the list but not Batman?” Well I was more invested in the characters of Gargoyles than I was with Batman. As awesome as Batman was, the show was kinda episodic. And in Gargoyles, characters evolve and take twist that most of the time I didn’t see coming. And that kept me coming back for more.



I can’t explain why I love this show. I just f***ing do!



I loved this show from beginning to end. It’s story telling done right.



It was shows like this that gave you a reason to turn on your TV on Saturday mornings.



A hilarious show, that proves that it never hurts to help. Except when it does.



One of, if not, the best Nickelodeon cartoon.



The funniest thing that ever came out of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.



To me, this cartoon reminds me a lot of Nickelodeon’s Doug, except done better. I really enjoyed this show.



This is the second best cartoon I have ever seen, it’s terrible how it didn’t really last that long. I demand someone make a complete series DVD of this cartoon!



The best cartoon I have ever seen. This show was hilarity at its finest. I really hope this cartoon gets the same treatment as Power Puff Girls, and gets a complete series DVD. If they ever do, I would definitely get it.

And those are my top ten favorite cartoons. I really enjoy the funny cartoons over the action cartoons, and I think it shows here on this list. And I don’t know how I’m going to end this blog post, so I’ll just end it on this clip:

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The search is over. As soon as I made the last post, I found what I have been looking for.

Right here.


Right here.

If you were also interested, I just saved you the trouble.

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A while back, it had came to my attention that there is a bit of One Piece merchandise available in Japan that I would love to get my hands on. When it comes to anime merchandise, things likes models or character figures don’t really get my attention (I must admit, I’m a sucker for a well made poster though). But nice anime clothing is something that would definitely catch my attention. When I was younger I use to rock a Dragon Ball Z t-shirt any chance I could, up until I out grew it. So when I saw these:

One Piece fitted caps

I wanted to know how can I get one, where can I find these? Especially the Luffy cap, that’s the one I’m really looking for, although the Chopper cap is good too. And so I began to search through the inter-webs for these items,  and besides a few Japanese websites, the search came up dry. But I am still keeping an eye out for these caps, I’m hoping sites like JList; which are known for having Japanese items like this, will have them available one day. Until then, the search continues.

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