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If you were a 90’s kid like me, you might have watched a little cartoon called Rugrats. A Nickelodeon cartoon that follows the crazy lifes that babies live, and explores what fun adventures they get into. You would think this cartoon was nothing but happy-go-lucky fun right? Wrong! Okay, let me bring your childhood to hell.

This was found, and it might have a little truth to it:

The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica’s imagination.

Chucky died a long time ago along with this mother; that’s why Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time.

Tommy was a stillborn; that’s why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live.

The DeVilles had an abortion. Angelica couldn’t figure whether it would be a boy or a girl, thus creating the twins.

As for “All Grown Up,” Angelica was a bipolar schizophrenic, who, as a teenager, became addicted to various narcotics, bringing her back to her childhood, thus creating a world in her mind that she obsessed over. Because of the time lapse between the present and the last time she interacted with her imaginary world, she made them older. Angelica was constantally taking hits of acid so she would never have to live without her creations. To her, her creations were her only company in a judgemental world.

Angelica’s mom actually died of a heroin overdose. Angelica was schizophrenic/bipolar because she was a crack baby. Additionaly, Drew, in his depression, married a gold digging whore that Angelica idolized because she fooled herself into thinking it was her real mom. However, she always had a concept of her mom, Cynthia. She used a barbie doll to mirror her birth mother’s image–wearing an unwashed orange dress and jacked up hair–which is why she was so attached to it. Later in life she followed in her mother’s footsteps, dying of overdose at age 13 when All Grown Up! was “canceled.”

The only rugrat not to be fictional however, was unborn Tommy’s brother, Dil. However, Angelica didn’t know the differace between Dil and her creations. Dil didnt follow her commands, and after endless crying and a refusal to disapear like the others did when Angelica was angry with them, so she hit him. After she hit him, he screamed a screaching tune, and Stu ran in and pulled his neice off of his only child, but it was too late. Dil had a brain hemmorage, which resulted in a deformation. As he grew up, his damage only became more evident, and by the time he was 9 in All Grown Up! he lived as an outcast, being ridiculed for his weirdness, and retardation. The immense guilt over this is what caused Angelica to start using drugs, and to un-create the rugrats breifly, until her expericance with hallucinogenics.

Chaz lost his mind after the death of his first wife and was in denial that she was ever prostitue. On a trip to Paris to find love, Chaz fell in love with a hooker named Kira (He was originally going to marry a different hooker, but she just wanted him for his money). Kira once had a daughter named Kimi, but the baby was torn from her by law due to her cocaine addiction. (Angelica imagined Kimi from Kira’s stories.) Upon return to America, Chaz and Kira married and she got her greencard. It was a surprisingly happy/romantic story. Kira continually stuggled with addiction, but was relatively happy with her new life with Chaz.

Suzie was Angelica’s only friend, who entertained the thought of Angelica’s creations because they seemed to make her happy. She later became a phycologist and teamed up with Nickelodeon to make the Rugrats. When Angelica died of the overdose, Suzie helped arrange her funeral. Because of her addictions and her mental state, Angelica was expelled from society, which lead to a break with reality, and her eventual death. She spent the last days of her life in the back of the school cafeteria, imagining friends around her, and playing with the lives of her creations.

My God!!

There is even a video to go with this done by , it’s a Japanese AMV with English subtitles. Link to the video is provided below:

Rugrats Theory – FULL VERSION

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Once again, it’s time for a Weckyboy Moment. Where I talk about what’s on the top of my mind at the moment.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana, she is a terrific actress. And she’s hot too, I might add. But people, why do you pronounce her name as “Zoey,” when it clearly should be pronounced “Zoh.” I mean, when you read the name Joe, you don’t pronounce it as “Joey” do you? So please people, when you are pronouncing her name, say “Zoh.”

This has been a Weckyboy Moment.

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I felt that that this old blog needed to get an update, and so that’s just what I did. I even added an twitter feed, feel free to follow me. Also feel free to leave comments on what you think on the change.

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Recently, I have been worried if Nintendo was going downhill. Abandoning their fans, and having a steady string of bad judgement. In the year 2010, things were looking great, bright, and shiny. It was a great year to be a Nintendo fan, we had an awesome E3 that year, and a lot of great games released at that time. There was Sin and Punishment: Star Successor,  No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, GoldenEye 007, Sonic Colors, Donkey Kong Returns, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and the list goes on. Each of the games I mentioned are in my opinion, are great games that must be played if you own an Wii. And the E3 video of all the games coming to the 3DS looked off the chain.

And then came 2011, the year where things started going downhill. The only game to really look forward to on the Nintendo Wii was The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, a game that won’t release until towards the end of the year. The 3DS had a very lackluster release; none of the major titles were release with the system, and some of the promised features weren’t available until a later date. And at E3 2011, the unveiling of the Wii-U had me really worried. The graphics looked like something not far of the PlayStation 3, and most if not all of all the games announced for it are all games that will be available on everything else a year or more before the system even comes out. And the controller for the Wii-U, although its capabilities look amazing, is way too fat! I cant see myself playing any kind of game with a controller that big. And don’t want to forget Nintendo kinda telling the many people of Operation Rainfall, who wanted the localization of multiple japan only games, that “It aint gonna happen.”

There was also this:

But it all not bad news coming out of this year, recently Nintendo announced that the 3DS will be getting a massive price cut, it will soon be on sale for 169.99. And for those who already own the 3DS, there will be an Ambassador Program, where they will receive 20 free game downloads; consisting of 10 classic NES games and 10 classic Gameboy games, most of which will be improved with multiplayer and other features. For more infomation, click here.  And it was also announced that the 3DS and the Wii-U will have Downloadable content, and that Wii-U will add GameCube to it’s Virtual Console.

With all of this, I am very worried about Nintendo’s future. Not really for the 3DS, I’m pretty sure that will come out well in the long run, but for the Wii and Wii-U, I don’t know. I have been a Nintendo fan for a long time, when everybody else was jumping ship, I stuck with them through the good times and the worst. Now its starting to look pretty bad, but I’m still sticking with them. I just want the big N to step their game up.

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Some of the hackers involved in the PSN Outage has been arrested. For more information on what happened, go to the following link:

Weird how this happen the same day I made that last post.

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100 Euphemisms for Breast

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*Clears thoat*

  1. Breast
  2. Boobs
  3. Knockers
  4. Cans
  5. Tits
  6. Big-uns
  7. Tig Ol’ Bitties
  8. Globes
  9. Melons
  10. Pound Puppies
  11. Chest-ticles
  12. Sweater Muffins
  13. Hooters
  14. Mounds
  15. Milk Makers
  16. Milk duds
  17. Bazookas
  18. Gazongas
  19. Cones
  20. Sweater Puppies
  21. Buds
  22. Duds
  23. Mosquito Bites
  24. Bra Stuffers
  25. Man’s best friends
  26. Women’s best friends
  27. Trouble Makers
  28. Salt Shakers
  29. Money Makers
  30. Lefty and Rightie
  31. Balloons
  32. Rack
  33. Double Deckers
  34. Domes
  35. Goobers
  36. Flash lights
  37. Cupcakes
  38. Bongos
  39. Candy Bits
  40. What yo mamma gave you
  41. The promised lands
  42. Mountains
  43. Third base
  44. Bust
  45. Boobies
  46. Bewbs
  47. Bewbies
  48. Utters
  49. Bon-Bons
  50. Bomb Shells
  51. Hand Puppets
  52. Titties
  53. Boom-Booms
  54. Play Stations
  55. Chest Anchors
  56. Twin Peeks
  57. Eye Candy
  58. Bubbles
  59. Blossoms
  60. Butter Cups
  61. Girl’s Power Puffs
  62. Spheres
  63. Jiggles
  64. -A wolf’s howl-
  65. The Girls
  66. Milkshakes
  67. Kittens
  68. Knobs
  69. Sweet Cheeks
  70. Whoppers
  71. Tah-Tahs
  72. Glomp Tops
  73. Pom-Pom’s
  74. Hypno-Globes
  75. 28008
  76. Cups
  77. Fun Bags
  78. Patties
  79. The Terrible Thunder Gunners
  80. Pistols
  81. Cannons
  82. Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Blimps
  83. Ba-Bombs
  84. Dumplings
  85. Nips
  86. Treats
  87. Pillows
  88. Cushions
  89. D’s
  90. Pop Tarts
  91. Humps
  92. Bumps
  93. Lady Lumps
  94. Joy Pads
  95. Cop Stoppers
  96. Show Stoppers
  97. Goombas
  98. Tator Tots
  99. The Goods
  100. OMG Sparkling Terrific Magical Mystical Fantastic Wonderful

That is all.

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Expect new posts soon. I may or may not post frequently, but I will try not let it get as bad as it did before. I just felt that I should put that out there.

I’m back readers!