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I know I am very late in doing this, but you know, better late than never.

The leaked video was for a teaser trailer for PlayStation 3 “Long Live Play” Commercial. There are no surprises to be made from this, it’s just a commercial. There was no end to my disappointment, which explains why it took me this long to do an update (Well, not really).

For your viewing pleasure, I added the full commercial below:

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While surfing the interwebs, like I always do, I skipped onto some gold. Apparently Kevin Butler has made a tweet about some secret PSN is going to reveal soon. Here’s the tweet:

And if you want to see the video he leaked, look no further:

And if you notice it, there are many many PlayStation exclusive game references littered throughout the video. (Hint: look to the right before the soldiers walk into the building. Doesn’t that truck look alittle sweet-toothy to you?). So what can this be? Some kind of new PSN service, a new feature to PlayStation Home, or maybe it can be Playstation’s answer to SUPER SMASH BROS. I guess we will find out on 10-5-2011. I kind of want to see a PS Smash Bros., I wonder how that would be?

For more information, follow this link: What Is Kevin Butler Hinting At?

And I will update when I find out more.

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Some of the hackers involved in the PSN Outage has been arrested. For more information on what happened, go to the following link:

Weird how this happen the same day I made that last post.

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If you are an owner or a fan of PlayStation 3, then I bet you are fully aware that the PlayStation’s online service PlayStation Network (PSN) was down due to hacking for a while (For more information on this, click here). I got a PS3 in late 2009 when I realized that big third party game developers would never put games like Super Street Fighter 4 or Tekken 6 on the Wii, and since then I’ve been having a hell of a good time playing the games and especially online. So when the outage happened, I was annoyed that I couldn’t play games like Portal 2 or Uncharted 2 online, but I wasn’t enraged like some of the other people I’ve noticed. There were some who said they would never buy anything on PSN ever again, and some that said that they will only buy stuff using the PSN cards, I even heard there were some who sold their PS3’s. To me, this was a hard time, but it wasn’t that serious. Especially after hearing that lots of companies have a breach in security involving their customers, but it’s usually kept undercover. Now that PSN has returned, I plan to do the same things that I always have been doing, using my card to buy DLC, Movies, or whatever. The only thing that has changed is that I will now keep a closer eye on my card activity.

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